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You would be amazed how much dirt and sand a storm/wastewater drainage system can collect in a short period of time.

Let the expert team at Bain’s take care of your drain and catch pit cleaning requirements and we’ll help you save money by doing the job properly the first time. We can even help you manage ongoing planned maintenance.

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Expert solutions

We remove 15 tonnes of sand and silt a month from one large catchment chamber that is only a part of their entire waste/storm water drainage system. Without regular cleaning, it wouldn’t take long for these drains and entire system to fill up. The system would progressively reduce its ability to handle their wastewater flow, until their drainage system would fail, resulting in flooding on site, the possible temporary closure of their operation and all the unnecessary disruption and inconvenience this would cause.

When this happens they would not only need a liquids waste disposal contractor to empty out all their catchment chambers, but also a water jetting company to unblock and clear all their drains.

If their system needs to be pumped to finally discharge their wastewater, they have also run the risk of damaging their existing pumps and filling their pump chambers, which will require further cleaning and removal of more sand/silt.

A thorough clean

It’s a lot cheaper to have a programmed maintenance cleaning procedure in place to ensure your entire waste/stormwater system remains clean and can operate at full capacity and thereby eliminating the risk of any disruption and costly repairs.

Fully compliant

We’ll also help you make sure your liquid waste is disposed of correctly, so you avoid costly fines of up to $35,000. As a company we are fully code compliant and independently audited every three years by Liquid Systems Ltd.
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  • No nasty surprises
  • We comply so you don't get fined
  • You'll save money
  • Because we don’t take short cuts
  • We care about the environment
  • Helping look after our waterways

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“Bain’s are a hard-as working team who can never do enough for you.”
Chris, Te Awamutu

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